About Us

Our Cabins
We provide comfortable, safe and warm accommodation for up to 50 cats.
There are 22 regular cabins for 1 or 2 cats sharing, and 2 family cabins for up to 4 cats to share.
Each penthouse style cabin is equipped with everything your cat will need; views of the garden, beds with vet bed fleeces and cosy blankets and plenty of toys to keep them entertained. We also have thermal blankets and electric heat pads for extra warmth on very cold days and cool mats and fans for those warm days.
Each cabin has a separate fully heated bedroom area accessed by little ladders which lead down to the tiled exercise area consisting of a litter box and scratching pad.

Each cabin is fitted either side with full-length opaque sneeze barriers so there is no contact with cats from other families, and they are not able to see their neighbouring guests.

The cattery is completely safe and secure, meaning absolute peace of mind when your cat is on holiday.

Food, Fun and Fuss

Your cat will be fed to your requirements while on holiday with us, we will provide all of their dietary needs. We feel it’s important to not change from their usual diet, so if we do not have a particular food in stock, we will make every effort to source it for you. If your cat is on a specific or veterinary diet however, we kindly request that you provide your own food for the duration of your cat’s stay. There is no reduction in fees for any food provided.
We also provide daily treats for our guests, and sometimes cat milk, so if your cat is not able to have either of these please do let us know when you arrive.
All your cat’s daily food intake is recorded daily as well as toileting and any behaviour or health issues to note.
We will stroke, play with, cuddle and brush your cat, as long as your cat would like it that is! So, if you can tell us of any likes and dislikes it would help us to get to know them that little bit quicker. Please provide your cat’s own brush/comb if they’d like to be brushed.
We provide toys in each cabin and will change these depending on what your cat likes to play with. We also provide each with a scratch pad and play intermittent music during the day for your cat to enjoy.

Health and Hygiene

We pride ourselves on having a safe, clean and comfortable environment for your cat to enjoy their holiday. There is no sharing of cleaning equipment, each cabin is equipped with its own set, and each cabin is cleaned at least daily as well as being thoroughly disinfected between each guest’s stay.

We request that all cats are flea and worm treated before coming on holiday, which helps to protect your cat as well as ensuring we keep a clean and hygienic environment for your cat to enjoy their stay.
We are required to ask you for details of their last treatments when coming into the cattery.

Your cat must be fully vaccinated against cat flu and feline enteritis and their annual booster must not be overdue at the date they leave the cattery. Please see our terms and conditions for full details on vaccination requirements and timings. We will request a copy of their vaccination book in advance, and also require you to bring the original on the day of admission every time your cat stays with us, which we will keep safe while your cat boards.
We cannot admit any cat to the cattery without proof of vaccinations.

As we live on site, we provide 24-hour presence to ensure the safety of all our guests especially those on medication, young kittens and senior boarders.


We are happy to care for cats that need daily medication, including insulin (which will be a small additional charge per day). We ask you to provide enough medication for the whole of your cats stay plus some extra in case of delays and in the original packaging from your vet. Kindly update any medical requirements for your cat in the medical section online, including dose/frequency. In advance of your stay we will prepare a medication form which we will email to you for your review and agreement. This form will sit outside your cat’s cabin and be signed off by us every time medication is given.

We are looking forward to seeing you and welcoming your cat for their holiday!