Online Booking

New! Please click below to request a booking.


During this unusually quiet period in the cattery, we have been putting our spare time to good use and have been trialling a new online booking system.

We are very pleased to announce that we have now moved into the 21st Century and it’s now ready to use! We love it and hope you do too!

You can access the tool by either clicking on the ‘online booking’ button above, selecting the ‘book now’ button on our Facebook Page or we can send you a link by email if you prefer.

If your cat has not stayed with us before, the first time you use it you will be asked to log in using your usual email and set your password. Please then input all your information, plus your cat’s details (there’s also the option to upload your cat’s photo) along with selecting your vet, saving each section as you go, then you can request your booking. Please do email a copy of your cat’s up to date vaccination card to us, which will be uploaded to your file (the card always need to be brought into the cattery whenever you come too). We also like to catch up with you at the time of booking by email or phone to learn a bit more about your cat and make sure we have everything we need.

For anyone who has existing bookings with us, we have uploaded all your information using the email address we have for you on file. If you’re not sure which email address we may have used, please check with us and we can always change it if you would prefer another. Please access the tool and double check all the details we have added in for you, add any insurance and flea and worming details and then you can request the booking which will come to us to confirm for you.

After this information has been input once, there is no need to input all this again, unless you need to update something.

When requesting your booking, if you get an ‘unavailable’ message please choose the waiting list option or email us on We may be able to juggle timings around to squeeze you in. If you are on our waiting list and a place becomes available we will get in touch to check you’d still like the place.

We will also ask that you sign our terms and conditions online, which can be done using your phone or tablet.

This new way of booking and storing all our customer’s details will enable us to spend much less time on admin and paperwork, and more time with the cats, which can only be a good thing!

Any problems, please do let us know, and we hope you enjoy it!