Terms & Conditions


Please read carefully before signing. We reserve the right to vary these Terms and Conditions periodically.


Vaccinations Cats will only be accepted for boarding with a current vaccination certificate for cat flu and feline enteritis. We will request a copy in advance if we don’t have one on file, and also require the card to be brought with you when checking in. Certificates will be retained by us for the duration of your cat’s stay. If your cat’s booster is due whilst boarding with us, this will need to be done before coming into the cattery. Please note for initial vaccinations or if your cat has gone overdue with their booster, there must be a minimum of 2 weeks between the follow up booster and boarding with us. If your cat does not meet these requirements then they will be unable to stay at the cattery, and the booking will be treated as a cancellation.

Flea and worm treatment – Cats must be flea and worm treated prior to boarding. If your cat is on a regular program as guided by the vet/manufacturer, please continue with monthly treatment as usual before boarding. If your cat is due for a treatment while on holiday, please provide the treatment and we will be happy to do that for you on the correct date. If your cat does not have regular treatments, please treat between 7-14 days before coming into the cattery. This is applicable for indoor and outdoor cats. Any cat found to have either fleas or worms will be treated at the cattery with Advantage or Drontal and costs charged to the owner. We would always recommend a vet prescribed treatment rather than an over the counter product as they are most effective.

Male cats over the age of 6 months will only be accepted for boarding if neutered.

You must inform us at the time of booking and arrival of any medical history which may affect your cat’s stay at the cattery, including any pre-existing or recurring medical conditions. We are willing to administer medication to your cat if required subject to full details being provided prior to boarding, including dose and frequency. For cats on insulin, an additional fee will apply. Please notify us in advance of any medication/treatment required to be given during the booking period and obtain agreement from us that we will be able to accept and administer the required medication. We reserve the right to refuse to give medication and/or treatments if we are not notified before arrival or if the cat is unwilling to take the medication and presents a risk of injury or additional stress to the cat. Please provide enough medication for the duration of the booking (with some extra in case of delays etc).

In the event of illness or injury, we may need to contact your veterinary surgeon or the cattery’s vet, Medivet, Sidcup to discuss any past or current medical problems. We will make every effort to contact you in the first instance or your emergency contact, to discuss any issues prior to any treatment deemed necessary by the veterinary surgeon. If contact is not possible, we will act in the cat’s best interest and be guided by veterinary advice. Any medical fees incurred by the Purr Inn are to be reimbursed before collection.

We reserve the right at our sole discretion to refuse admission to any cats showing signs of illness pending veterinary advice.


Boarding fees are charged on a daily basis including the day of arrival and departure and are inclusive of food, bedding, litter and toys. We provide an extensive range of wet and dry foods, please enquire for full details. We do not offer any reduction should you wish to provide your cat’s food.

A surcharge applies to bookings over the Christmas and New Year periods.

We have a minimum boarding fee equivalent to 5 day’s stay during peak times (July/August and school holidays), and 3 days at other times.

Arrivals and departures should be during our usual opening hours, except in exceptional circumstances and upon prior agreement.

We currently do not take deposits for any bookings. This is under review.

Full payment is required either on arrival or departure and can be made by cash or cheque. We also accept payment in advance of collection by bank transfer, please ask us for our banking details.

We do not offer any refund or reduction in fees for collection earlier than the arranged date or arrivals later than the arranged date.

If you wish to change or cancel your booking prior to your cat boarding, or if your cat will not have the required up to date vaccinations in time for the arrival date, we require more than 14 days’ notice before the boarding date, otherwise the full fee for the booked stay will be payable.

Bookings are provisional and only finalised once we have sent a confirmation. This will only be done upon receipt of a completed booking request. Provisional bookings will only be held for a maximum of 10 days unless prior agreement has been made.

Cats must be transported in a secure and suitable pet travel carrier.

We are happy to groom your cat during its stay, please provide your own brush if you wish us to do so. We will also provide some toys for your cat’s entertainment. If you would rather these be removed from the cabin please advise on arrival.

We reserve the right to move your cat to another cabin. We cannot guarantee a specific cabin for your cat although we will endeavour to meet any requests. For cats sharing a cabin, if required for the cat’s well being or safety we will separate them if we are able to do so.

We require an emergency contact number for a local friend, relative or neighbour should you be out of contact. A contact number for a standby collector (if different) should also be provided should you be delayed, as we cannot guarantee to be able to board your cat for any extra days.

If your cat is not collected at the agreed time/date we cannot guarantee there will be a space at the cattery for a longer stay. Every effort will be made to contact you and your emergency contacts, and to keep the cat here at the cattery, but if no contact has been made for 2 weeks (or earlier if we are unable to accommodate) we will contact local charities and shelters.

Whilst every care will be taken by the Purr Inn, all belongings are left at your own risk. Any items left unclaimed after two weeks will be disposed of.

Whilst every care and precaution is taken with every cat boarded at the Purr Inn, cats are boarded entirely at your own risk.

Thank you.